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The Good Wall?

courtesy The Jitney, Miami Fla.

Walls fell into disrepute under the administration of the former guy. But walls can have justifiably commendable purposes.


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has just proposed building a six-mile, six-billon dollar, up-to-twenty-foot-high seawall around and through Miami. The proposal is the result of a federal government study in the wake of the destructive storm surge damage caused by Hurricane Irma in 2017. A one-mile stretch of the seawall would be built right on Biscayne Bay, surrounding a neighborhood studded with gleaming high-rise towers. Imagine the sound barriers along an interstate highway and you'll get an idea of the new ambiance.


Predictably, politicians and residents are up in arms. They like other parts of the proposal, such as government subsidies for elevating thousands of private homes. But ruin the view and hurt property values, no way. Not much different than the residents of Cape Cod objecting to renewable-energy windmills in Nantucket Sound.


Viva shortsightedness and selfishness!

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